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        Shanghai FEICE Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in production of explosion-proof appliances,explosion-proof lightings,explosion proofpipes, explosion-proof distribution devices, explosion-proof fans, dust explosion-proof products, anticorrosion products, dustproof products and waterproof products, covering 9 categories, more than one thousand specifications, are widely applied to such fields as petroleum,petrochemicals, chemical industry, coal mine, electric power, medicine, textile industry, vintage, spaceflight, war industry, railway, metallurgy,shipping, fire protection, municipal administration, public security and so on.

        Shanghai FEICE is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the scientific research and R & D with marketing, since it was founded, it has stressed on the cultivation of talents and modern scientific management, has a team of middle level and senior technicians, and has setup a professional group with reasonable construction, strong technical force and top quality. The enterprise introduces the advanced processes and equipment, has realized full automation or semi automation in all key processes like die casting, machine work, spray coating, etc, besides, the company has purchased the advanced checkout equipment such as distribution photometers, high and Iow temperature test chambers, damp heat test chambers,etc.

        The company has developed all series of explosion-proof anticorrosion full-plastic products with more stable performance, stronger function and more elegant appearance, furthermore, also launched a series of electric appliances and lightings with stainless steel explosion-proof enclosure,which are regarded as the new generation of leading products fully meeting the customers' demands on explosion-proof, anti corrosion, waterproof,environmental protection and energy saving.

        Meanwhile, FEICE is strengthening the marketing and service network covering the whole country,to provide customers with high-efficiency, particular, all-around and professional service, realize the safe production philosophy of "nip in the bud, explosion prevention on site"together with users.

        "Making the number one explosion-proof products, creating the perpetual explosion-proof brand"is our target, Shanghai FEICE sincerely wishes to cooperate with friends from allcircles, make common development and create common brilliance in explosion proof industry!